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Aug 22, 2014

All I wanna do is cry my freaking eyeballs out.

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Blueberry Cream Scones
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Pray for me, because I don’t remember how to pray for myself.

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Jun 9, 2014


Because yelling solves everything. Great job.

May 29, 2014

I understand you’re going through a tough time, but yelling at me or everything that happens, doesn’t solve a damn thing. no wonder I’m like this. Uggh headaches suck. 😔

A lot of people seem to think that running away solves the problem. Little do they realize that problems like to run, too. Sooner or later, they’ll catch up.
Quotes by Ronald Ian
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I am found. I am yours. I am loved. I’m made pure. I have life. I can breathe. I am healed. I am free, cause You are strong. You are sure. You are life. You endure. You are good, always true. You are light breaking through. You are more than enough. You are here. You are love. You are hope. You are grace. You’re all I have. You’re everything.
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Gooey Desserts - As Requested!
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Gooey Desserts - As Requested!

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Fashion & Luxury
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My sister took forever to get ready, this was the result. Editing.
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My sister took forever to get ready, this was the result. Editing.

Apr 22, 2014

i could listen to their voices ALL day :)

The most beautiful place on earth is inside you. Hold someone in your arms, and they get a glimpse of that beauty.
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